Infectious Diseases: TAPE 2015

16 May
COMMON COLD 200-400% (People average 2 to 4 colds per year) Colds are contagious, but most electrologists will continue to work.  Handwashing, facemasks and over-the-counter medicine are helpful.
INFLUENZA 62 MILLION Vaccines are available but not always adequate in prevention.Electrologists must take time off.  Rest and fluids are important for a quick recovery.
HSV-2 (GENITAL)HSV-1 (ORAL) 24 MILLION UNKNOWN More than half a million people worldwide have HSV-2.  90% of all people have one or the other of HSV.
HBV 10 TO 30 MILLION .7% transmission from occupational exposures to blood.   (not from needlesticks)
MRSA 1.2 MILLION                                       94 THOUSAND INVASIVE 1 in 3 people carry the staph bacteria.                 2 in 100 people carry MRSA.
C. DIFF 450 THOUSAND Almost all cases are caused by the overuse of antibiotics.
HIV 50 THOUSAND Numbers are stable to decreasing.
HCV 17 THOUSAND Numbers are decreasing.
TB 10 THOUSAND TB is curable, but kills 5000 people every day.
MEASLES UNDER 500 So contagious that 90% of unvaccinated people exposed will get it.

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