True Tales from the Electrology Treatment Room

1 Mar

Today, a new client came in. She’s young, she’s very attractive, and she’s so very thrilled there is a solution to what she feels is a horrible problem. You see, she almost has a whole face beard. If comparing to the Ferriman-Gallwey rating scale, she’s a 3.  (0=no visible hair; 4=full face terminal hair)  It’s bad enough that she gets worried someone will see this hair. She’s afraid of intimacy because of what a guy might think about her if she reveals the fact she has to shave beard-like hairs every day. She’s afraid her friends might see the shadow that appears by 5 o’clock. She’s afraid that someone at work will say something about the hair on her face. She cries because it is so personal and so painful.

She cried in my office because she is so happy to see the solution to her problem. 

A consultation in my office includes a short, sample treatment so one can see how it feels and how their skin reacts. She says, “Is that all it is?  I can do that.” We discuss the plan and she says, “Yes.”

It’s about hope. It’s about confidence. It’s about permanent hair removal. Electrology treatments have performed permanently for any hair color and any skin tone since its inception, circa 1870s.

2 Responses to “True Tales from the Electrology Treatment Room”

  1. Lise-Anne Jensen March 2, 2015 at 12:58 am #

    I have a couple clients with similar stories. I have also seen tears in my office. They are tears of happiness….:)

    • K. Witherow March 2, 2015 at 1:34 am #

      I have several of these stories as well… including a woman in her 70s that has dealt with the problem her entire life. As we were getting to know each other during her consult, she had mentioned being crushed recently by yet another little girl commenting “Mommy, look, that woman has a beard!” After seeing a huge change in her first treatment, she was on the verge of crying.

      Now, just a few treatments in, she’s already bragging about how a friend stopped by and, even though she hadn’t shaved in a couple days (something she used to do daily), her husband pointed out that nobody was going to notice her hair because there wasn’t anything there. She’s quickly gaining confidence and feeling better about herself after every visit… and one day, she’s going to realize that there is no hair left to worry about.

      It’s never too late to start feeling good about yourself.

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